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Kenny Loggins:
More Songs from Pooh Corner

Mario Frangoulis:
Sometimes I Dream
Follow Your Heart

Duetto, with Marcelo Alvarez and Salvatore Licitra
Jack Tempchin: Lonely Midnight
Jackson Browne: Late For the Sky
Bert Jansch: Santa Barbara Honeymoon
Doug Haywood: Nevada
Jennifer Warnes: Jennifer Warnes
Hilary Stagg: Sweet Return
Jim Brandmeier: Creativity, Open the Wellspring
Andrej Sifrer: Life is an Expensive Sport
Mitsuko: Unexpected Treasure
Missiles of October: Hope
Various: Atmospheres: Island Rhythms
Demis Roussos
Andy Williams


Album Credits

Five Summer Stories
Honk 73
Honk 74
Coach House, Live

Honk Reissue of '73

Beth Fitchet Wood - Lead Vocals on:
Autumn to May
Angel On My Shoulder
The Girls: That's What Dreams Are For
Zero Ted: Sacred Cow
Lullabyes: under the name Elizabeth Guest

Steve Wood Films:
Greece - Secrets Of The Past
Coral Reef Adventure, with Crosby, Stills & Nash
Everest, with George Harrison
Hurricane On The Bayou, with Allen Toussaint
Mystery Of The Nile
Living Sea with Sting
Dolphins with Sting
Journey into Amazing Caves with The Moody Blues
Wild California with Lindsey Buckingham
The Discoverers