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Every Tuesday Night, at the (Ben Brown's) at 31106 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, Beth F. Wood conducts a Songwriter's Showcase from 7:30 to 10:30 with many different musical talents. Some have a great deal of professional experience and some are working up to that. Beth plays a 45 minute set first, (because she can) and then there are 3 other acts who do half hour sets. Whatever happens after that is anybody's guess.

After 8 1/2 years at the Marine Room, this change to Ben Brown's has been everything we hoped for. We CAN look crosseyed at people who distract from the music, but so far, we haven't needed to. Beth's cookies as usual, and lots and lots of parking. Beautiful setting. It's very cozy and conducive to good listening and visiting. Ooh.

We have now entered our 10th year!

Some Marine Room pictures by Chad McCann and Ron Crum

  • Tuesday, February 11, Gal Musette, Dave Fertitta and Cej!
  • Tuesday, February 18, Mark Turnbull, Mark Piatelli, Jack Prather
  • Tuesaday, February 25, Dan Krikorian, Kelly Fitzgerald
  • Tuesday, March 4, Soul Deep with Sue Bredice and Chris Whynaught, Al Blake with Jon Atkinson.
  • Tuesday, March 11, Bob Rea, Steve Noonan, Sasha and Doug
  • after this, we'll take a break for a bit while the construction crews work their magic.
  • Also, check out our new YouTube page, bethS2Sdays. There are some great videos of Tuesday events of the past and Future!!
  • Richard Stekol, Nate Wood, Beth F. and Steve Wood, Pic. by Chad McCann

    Cartoon from the New Yorker

  • Mark Turnbull, Sue Bredice, Carolyn Miller, Beth F. and Steve Wood, pic. by Ron Crum

    David Vidal, picture by Ron Crum

    Jayson Rowley, R.S., Dave Witham, Robby Boyd, Mark Turnbull, Sherry Fortune, Ernest and Louise Troost, and Beth F. Wood. Photo by Ron Crum. Some very good nights.