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Every Tuesday Night for about ten years, there was a Songwriter's Showcase, first at the Marine Room in Laguna Beach, and then at a place down the road named "The Ranch". The series was discontinued because of various monkeywrenches in the works. Then, last summer of 2015, we held it every Wednesday at the Sawdust Festival.

With regard to the Showcase, we do not know what the future will bring, but that is a good subject for a song. Check back.

This was our schedule for last summer, 2015, to give a little example of the FABULOUS quality of music we were treated to.

Some Marine Room pictures by Chad McCann and Ron Crum

  • Wednesday, July 8, The first of 8 new Songwriter's Showcases at the world famous Sawdust Festival. Featuring Tom Kell, Shaun Cromwell and Grace Freeman
  • Wednesday, July 15, Featuring Ric Taylor, Dan Krikorian, and David Vidal
  • Wednesday, July 22, Featuring Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements, David Fertitta and Ernest Troost
  • Wednesday, July 29, Featuring Mark Turnbull, Alfred Johnson, Jodi Siegel.
  • Wednesday, August 5, Featuring Omar Velasco, Hans York, Bob Bennett
  • Wednesday, August 12, Featuring a full night of  with solo sets by Carolyn and Sue, and a set by our old pal, Richard Stekol.
  • Wednesday, August 19, Featuring Cej, Chad McCann and Chuck Roberts.
  • Wednesday, August 26,Featuring JC and Laney, Keven Brennan and Tom Kell and Emiko Woods.
  • Also, check out our YouTube page, bethS2Sdays. There are some great videos of Tuesday events of the past and Future. Some new ones up.
  • Richard Stekol, Nate Wood, Beth F. and Steve Wood, Pic. by Chad McCann

    Cartoon from the New Yorker

Mark Turnbull, Sue Bredice, Carolyn Miller, Beth F. and Steve Wood, pic. by Ron Crum

David Vidal, picture by Ron Crum

Jayson Rowley, R.S., Dave Witham, Robby Boyd, Mark Turnbull, Sherry Fortune, Ernest and Louise Troost, and Beth F. Wood. Photo by Ron Crum. Some very good nights.